How To Get A Girlfriend If You Are Short

How To Get A Girlfriend If You Are Short

There is no denying that height is a major issue for guys. More specifically, it’s an issue for guys who don’t really have it…the short guys of the world.

Lacking height automatically makes most short men less confident and more hesitant when it comes to approaching women. But does it really need to be such a big problem?

Yes, in general, women do prefer tall men; it’s in their nature. Women also prefer men who look after themselves and those with a great sense of humor. This means the girl you want would rather leave with the short guy who made her feel good about herself, rather than the tall guy who is too self-absorbed.

If you’re “height-impaired”, don’t fret it. The following tips will show you how to get a girlfriend if you are short.

Make Her Laugh

Science shows that women use laughter as an indicator for several things, and humor is more powerful than any perceived height disadvantages. According to neuroscientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine, women use a guy’s sense of humor to tell whether he is intelligent, fit, and able to produce healthy offspring.

Make a woman laugh and you’ll quickly overshadow the tall guys around you. They might have a jump on you in terms of first impressions, but using humor can get and keep a woman’s interest within the first 5 minutes of interaction. In fact, a woman’s eagerness to laugh is so strong, she’ll look past many of your imperfections.

Look For The Right Girl

Let’s not sugar coat things. There are some women out there who simply won’t date a man who is shorter than them. It’s an immediate deal-breaker. It’s best to just avoid these women and not take it personally.

A nice little tip from suggests that women who wear 4 inch heels tend to be more focused on height. They obviously want to look taller and therefore attract taller men. Women who wear flats or standard heels are often more down to earth, so-to-speak. They also tend to be more open towards shorter guys.

Improve Your Chances (Confidence Is Key) ran an informative survey where they got a group of women together and discussed the issue of height, and the general consensus doesn’t come as a surprise. The one thing they all mentioned was confidence.

In other words, if you’re confident in who you are, your height really doesn’t matter that much to most women. In fact, it’s your preconceived notions about height and your own negative thought patterns that are keeping you from getting a girlfriend. If you’re a cool, confident guy who is fun to be around, women will want to hang out with you and date you regardless of how tall you are.

Having unquestionable confidence with women is naturally more difficult for shorter men, because a lack of height often makes them feel intimidated both by women and by taller men who might be competing for the same woman. A program like the Girlfriend Activation System can help short men develop that confidence and can give them the skill-sets needed to approach and attract women without reservation or the fear of rejection. Good places to learn about the newest version of the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS V2) include and Both have excellent and extremely helpful reviews.

Lastly, here are a few tips, passed along from women and relationship experts, you can use to get a girlfriend if you are short:

  • Wear clothes that complement your appearance (vertical stripes, straight-leg pants, and tailored two-button suits)
  • Express ambition, integrity, passion, humor, genuine kindness, and most importantly, confidence
  • If possible, go for women within the same height range. If you’re 5’2” tall, dating a woman who is shorter than 5’5” will be less of a problem for both of you than trying to date a woman who is 5’10”.

It goes without saying that you can’t win them all. Heck, even tall guys strike out all the time with women. But the important thing is to look beyond the issue of height and focus on your strengths, because they will make a girl forget you are short. The less your height bothers you, the less it will bother her. Being short will keep you from getting a girlfriend only if you let it.


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